How blood alcohol level is calculated is an online alcohol tester, which will help you find out when your blood alcohol level will drop to zero.

Determining blood alcohol level is easy to do based on your weight, height and using a basic BAC calculation. This base calculation is considering the human body is able to process and eliminate on average .01g of alcohol per hour, per kilogram of body weight.

This calculation can of course vary depending on the person and the body type, as well as the subject’s predisposition to alcohol and their physical condition.  The fact that this calculation is not finite or precise is important to remember when calculating your own blood alcohol level. Using our online blood alcohol calculator can give you a good baseline to follow, although it certainly will vary from anything a breathalyzer will read.

If you’ve been enjoying cocktails with friends and want to determine your BAC level yourself, you can use this calculation to figure out the time required for alcohol dilution. To determine your baseline blood alcohol level, find out the alcohol percentage level in all the drinks you’ve had, and multiply by the number of drinks you’ve had. Now divide this with the rate in which your body cleans and dilutes the alcohol in your body.

When you want to find out your blood alcohol level quickly, you can use our BAC calculator roughly determine your current BAC level. By using our online tester, you can enter the values required and find the measure of blood alcohol level in your body. Remember that this can be different than residual alcohol, which is located in the blood often the next day.


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