Bohemia Sekt Prestige is an online alcohol tester, which will help you find out when your blood alcohol level will drop to zero.

Bohemia Sekt Prestige

Bohemia Sekt Prestige
Bohemia Sekt Prestige
alcohol content 13.0%

The Bohemia Sekt Prestige brut has a sparkling appearance, an unmistakable flavor, a pleasant greenish golden color and a fine, long-lasting pearl. Wine has a charming harmony, its refreshing delicate fragrance of citrus fruits is accompanied by a pleasant fresh fruity expression reminiscent of mature fruits. The Rhine Riesling and Welsh Riesling give it a pleasant freshness and lightness, and Pinot Blanc then adds a flowery scent.

It is accompanied by a variety of goat cheeses, Parma ham combined with yellow melon, seafood and fish dishes. It is also an exceptional appetizer that awakens the senses of every gourmet.

Made by the traditional fermentation method in bottles

Bedtime: 15-18 months

When will I have broken down alcohol from Bohemia Sekt Prestige?
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